Randy Salerno Memorial

The Randy Salerno Memorial Scholarship

To donate to the Randy Salerno Memorial Scholarship, use the same information from the left, but put "Randy Salerno Scholarship" in the gift designation box or check memo.

Support TV 10

TV-10 is funded primarily in two ways: a General Revenue stream from the State of Illinois and fees attached to courses.

Donations are ALWAYS welcomed and appreciated. You can give to TV-10 in general, or you can earmark your gift for a specific purpose like equipment or scholarships.

Currently our top priorities are to replace our video switcher, which is the centerpiece of our control room, and is 24 years old (older than most of our students!).

If you want to make an online donation to TV-10, visit the ISU donation website or send a check to:

ISU Foundation
Campus Box 8000
Normal, IL

Please put "TV-10" in the gift designation box or check memo.