2013 Awards

TV-10 Wins Awards, Scholarships at INBA

INBA Award Winners
Steve Gonigam, Maureen Christensen, Chris Highland, Whitney Wagers, Brett Edwards, Alyssa Doubet, Joe Brand, Faculty Advisor Laura Trendle Polus, Alexis McAdams and Ali Harris attended the INBA Awards Dinner.

TV-10 Students won TWO scholarships from the Illinois News Broadcasters Association at the Spring Convention in Champaign:
Junior Chris Highland and Senior Whitney Wagers were each presented a $1250 award. Senior Joe Brand and Freshman Maureen Christensen were finalists.
TV-10 Students also won FIVE Awards from the INBA:
First Place Outstanding Soft TV Program: "Ten on 10"
Second Place Outstanding Sports TV Program: "TV-10 SportsZone"

Second Place Outstanding Hard TV Program: Election Night Special
Third Place Outstanding Newscast: "The TV-10 News at Noon"
Second Place Outstanding Videography: Alyssa Doubet

Record-Setting 11 Awards at IBA Student Silver Domes

TV-10 students claimed 11 awards at the IBA-U Conference in October in Normal. Pictured (back row):
Chris Highland, Celsy Martindale, Zack Madison, Michael Robbins, Michele Maslanka, Aaron Eades,
Zach Bernard, Jeff Huber and Liz Kramer, (front row): Michael Concialdi, Alicia Ogierman, Gabby, Nick DeRango and Kevin Stepanek.

TV-10 won Best Newscast, featuring the work of Aaron Eades, Celsy Martindale and Zach Bernard.
TV-10 swept the Photojournalism category:
Alicia Ogierman, Jeff Huber and Liz Kramer